Name: Anna Maria Antonios

Nationality: Lebanese

Countries where you have worked or studied
Work: Lebanon/Syria/Yemen/Palestine/Saudi Arabia/ Jordan/Iraq
Study: Lebanon/UK/Denmark/Poland/Portugal/France

Universities and qualifications before ADVANCES:
BA Social Work and Psychology

Previous professional experience/Fields of social work practice:
I have coordinated projects on Psycho Social Support (PSS), Child Protection (CP) and Education programmes in Syria and have worked as a Trainer and consultant (both in-person and remotely) on CP, PSS methodologies and self-care. These experiences were undertaken in affected areas of conflict under War Child Holland, Lapis Communications and UNICEF projects. In addition, I held an Educational Entrepreneurship Coordinator position (Community Development) in the Arab World at the UN - International Labour Organization (ILO) where I contributed to project management, assisted in trainings and oversaw implementation in: Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen.

Three things that you most value about the ADVANCES programme

  1. Friendships
  2. Inter-cultural and International Exchanges
  3. Experiencing life in 5 different EU countries

Message for other social workers thinking about applying for a place on ADVANCES:
If you are a passionate social worker wanting to expand your knowledge on an international level, this programme is the right fit. It takes courage and commitment to embark on a journey like this, and although it is not easy, what you take from it is worth it.

Web links to any blog, project or profile that you would like to include:

Topic of research project:
Support workers’ experiences of utilizing a self-care framework for Mental Health and Psycho Social Support in Syria

Where were you based for Semester 4?

Current position and place of work:
Psycho Social Support Advisor – Syria Program // War Child Holland

Any other jobs since graduating ADVANCES:
Protection Trainer Consultant - Social and Behavioral Change Communications Strategy (SBCC) that addresses Violence Against Children, Child Labor and Child Marriage in Lebanon  // Magenta Consulting