Course Fees

Course Fees

Participation costs for 2022/2023 entry to the ADVANCES course are as follows:

Students from “programme countries” of the EU – € 4,500 per year 

Students from “partner countries” of the EU – € 9,000 per year

EU programme countries refers to all European Union countries plus Macedonia, UK, Turkey, Iceland, Norway, and Lichtenstein.  

EU partner countries are those that do not fall into the definition of “programme countries”.  

What’s included?

The participation costs are designed to be inclusive in relation to academic provision. The following services are therefore included: tuition and examination fees, access to library and electronic resources, computing facilities.
The costs of fieldtrips, practice placements and language classes that are an integral part of the ADVANCES programme will also be included.

Insurance: The participation cost includes accident and health insurance satisfying the “Minimum requirements for the health and accident insurance coverage” required by the Erasmus Mundus scheme.

The following expenses are not included in the participation costs: Travel to/from ADVANCES institutions, visa-related costs, residence permits, accommodation, personal living expenses, textbooks that the student decides to purchase, personal computers, optional fieldtrips and classes.

Payment timetable: Participation costs must be paid in full at the start of each academic year.  Subject to approval, it is possible to arrange payment by a series of half-yearly, quarterly or monthly installments.

For employer-funded or self-funding students, the easiest way to pay your participation costs is through the Aalborg University´s Online Payments system, using a debit or credit card (all Visa, MasterCard and Maestro cards accepted).  An international bank transfer (IBAN) is also possible.