Fundings and Scholarships

Fundings and Scholarsships

The ADVANCES programme is very pleased to offer two forms of financial support to students.  Please note that Erasmus Mundus scholarships are only available to 21-22 students each year. We strongly encourage students to participate in the programme on a self-funding basis or if they can find sponsorship from an employer or other source.  It is valuable to note that scholarships from funding bodies is often more generous than Erasmus Mundus.  The ADVANCES team will provide supporting letters and information for potential employers and sponsors.

Discount for employer funding

The ADVANCES consortium offers a 35% maximum discount on participation costs to students who obtain funding from their employer, a government body or international organisation to take part in the course. This will be applied as a waiver of the fourth instalment of fees and is conditional on a signed agreement between the student, organisation and ADVANCES consortium. Please email the ADVANCES Coordinator at for more details.

Erasmus Mundus scholarships

The European Commission will provide scholarships to 21-22 ADVANCES students, which are allocated strictly based on the quality of applications. The value of the scholarship package will depend on student background:

  • EU programme countries refers to all European Union countries plus Macedonia, Turkey, Iceland, Norway, Serbia and Lichtenstein.
  • EU partner countries are those that do not fall into the definition of “programme countries”.

In line with Erasmus Mundus rules, a maximum of two students with the same nationality can receive a scholarship.

Scholarship element Students from EU partner countries Students from EU programme countries Expected coverage of costs
Contribution to travel, visa, installation and other costs

 * € 2,000 or € 3,000 per year plus      € 1,000 installation costs

    € 1,000 per year

     ***100 %
Participation costs, including tuition fees and insurance

            € 9,000  per year 
                   (full costs)

    € 4,500 per year
         (full costs)

         100 %

Monthly allowance for living costs
        ** € 1,000 per month
  ** € 1,000 per month


*2,000 EUR per year for travel costs + 1.000 EUR for installation costs for scholarship holder resident of a Partner Country whose location is situated at less than 4.000 KM from aalborg University as coordinating institution of ADVANCES.
3.000 EUR per year for travel costs + 1.000 EUR for installation costs for scholarship holder resident of a Partner Country whose location is situated  at 4.000 KM or more from Aalborg University as coordinating institution of ADVANCES
**1.000 EUR per month for the entire duration of the study programme (24 months maximum). Contribution to subsistence costs will not be given to the scholarship holders for periods (study/research/placement/thesis preparation) spent in their country of residence.
***Expected coverage is based on the experience from six advances cohorts. It is however, not possible for the consortium to guarantee that all expenses are fully covered as this is also connected to individual choices

There is no separate application process for Erasmus Mundus scholarships.