Application form, Statements and professional reference

Application form, Statements and professional reference

When you want to apply you must upload:

You have to fill in an Application Form which contain the following two texts. It must be uploaded as attachments in the online application system, please go to Apply.

1. Motivation statement (approximately 350 words)

As part of your application, please include a response to the question “How will the ADVANCES course support your professional plans?“
Here you should discuss why you are applying to the ADVANCES course, what you hope to learn and what you can bring to the course.

2.  Statement about social work (max 400 words)

The second application statement should answer the following question: “Drawing on concrete example(s) from your own practice, explain what social work means to you.” 

Here you should consider the knowledge, skills and values needed for effective social work.

3.  A professional reference (500-800 words)

The reference should be written on organisational notepaper by a manager or senior colleague who is familiar with your practice.  
The reference does not need to be from your current employer, but the referee should have had close oversight of your work for at least one year. 
Details to include:
  • How long and in what capacity the referee has known the applicant
  • The role and tasks that the applicant has performed in the organisation
  • Example(s) of good social work practice by the applicant
  • Areas of practice that the applicant needs to develop
  • The importance of an advanced social work education to the applicant’s career and to the social sector in the applicant’s country
  • Basic details about the organisation and its work with service users
  • Full contact details and signature
Note: The reference should ideally be written in English.  If this is difficult, then candidates may provide a certified translation of the original document.