Name: Jitjuta Panjasuwan

Nationality: Thai

Countries where you have worked or studied:
Thailand, Tanzania, England, Denmark, France, Portugal, Poland, Australia, Wales

Universities and qualifications before ADVANCES:
Bachelor Degree of Social Work

Previous professional experience/Fields of social work practice:
Refugees, Casework, Communication with Children,  Child Safeguarding, Child Protection, International Parental Child Abduction

Three things that you most value about the ADVANCES programme

  1. Social Work Knowledge
  2. Human Rights Approaches
  3. Academic Independence

Message for other social workers thinking about applying for a place on ADVANCES:
It’s academic but incredibly fun.

Topic of research project:
Action Research: Play for Refugee and Asylum-seeking Children

Where were you based for Semester 4?

Current position and place of work:
Pro Consul and Child Safeguarding Expert at the British Embassy Bangkok


Any other jobs since graduating ADVANCES