Name: Jordanne Edwards

Nationality: Jamaican

Countries where you have worked or studied:
Jamaica, Canada, England, Denmark, Poland (summer school), Portugal and France.

Universities and qualifications before ADVANCES:

  • BA in Social Work: The University of the West Indies (Generalist social work framework)
  • Ryerson University (studied for a year on an academic exchange programme- Anti-Oppressive social work framework)

Previous professional experience/Fields of social work practice:
I previously worked in Human Rights development and sustainability in Jamaica- focusing primarily on advocacy and activism strategies and programmes for minority groups (LGBT people, vulnerable youth etc.)  and more recently have worked on a more international platform with victims of human trafficking from Nigeria, seeking asylum in France.

Three things that you most value about the ADVANCES programme

  1. Family oriented: Advances is a close knit community. The members of my cohort are like family to me. Because we moved so frequently, we became each others’ home and that provided great solace throughout the inevitably challenging moments but in the good times as well.
  2. The endemic international perspective of the programme both theoretically and structurally was intellectually stimulating. Learning at each of the consortium universities provided first hand insights into the respective cultures and approaches to practice. Discussing and debating social work topics with colleagues from 12 different backgrounds and cultures was also mind opening and very educational.
  3. It strengthened my sense criticality as a social worker. I am more knowledgeable of a wide range of topics that inform international social work and I am able to assess both social problems and the approaches used to tackle them, with greater depth and analysis.

Message for other social workers thinking about applying for a place on ADVANCES:
ADVANCES is a formative and unprecedented social work programme. Concurrently, International social work is a growing and much needed branch of our profession. Regardless of who you are or where you come from, you undoubtedly have a valid and unique contribution to bring to the table.

Web links to any blog, project or profile that you would like to include:

Topic of research project:

Social Work with vulnerable communities: Towards an emerging model of social healing in trauma-based community practice.

Where were you based for Semester 4?

Current position and place of work:
Paris, TBC soon J

Any other jobs since graduating ADVANCES: